How to make a watch dial, drawing, planning etc. - Helicopters, pocket watches, flight simulation, tools.

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How to make a watch dial, drawing, planning etc.

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In the meanwhile I have changed to Affinity Designer Software for MAC to draw the dials I want to make and I have found a possibility in Bonn to get the dials laser engraved for a reasonable price.

These are my latest trials.
Update: 22.04.2016

I want to recreate a pocket watch dial from 1927, diameter 47 mm.
Font search on

Tutorial links for Inkscape by Jim Moss

Discussion how to create dial drawings with Inkscape.

My plan is to use a Stepcraft 300 Desktop CNC machine for engraving in the future.

In the end I want to CNC engrave the dial. Base will be a brass plate with soldered dial feet, varnished with with color.
Inkscape progress
Searching for better fonts at the moment, maybe I have to create the numbers myself.
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