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Junghans pocket watch part calrification

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On this site I'm collecting technical data about the Junghans pocket watch movements. Last update 17.05.2016
The data are derived from Berger, Flume, Engelkemper, Jacob, Junghans books and catalogs and pictures I saw on the internet.

Breguet Hairspring
Junghans Parts
Sparepart number: 735

Double safety roller
Junghans Parts
Sparepart number: 730

Hebelscheibe, Plateau
Second stop
Junghans Parts
J47, J48, J49, the suffix /1 means that a seperate escapement wheel bridge/cock is used.
I assume that these watches are made from 1938 or later.

Sparepart number and name 110, 110 + 116, Train-wheel bridge, Escape wheel bridge/cock

110, Train-wheel bridge, Räderwerkbrücke
116, Escape wheel bridge, Ankerradkloben
J47G, J48G, J49G, the G indicates a new click spring assembly.
The old assembly on the J47a, J47b, J48, J49 are still to find in the 1934 catalog.

Sparepart number and name 425 - Click, 430 - Click spring

425, Click, Sperrkegel
430, Click spring, Sperrkegelfeder
J5, J10, J36 are Alarm pocket watches. They can be identified easily.
On the J5, 21''', the bell ist attached with two srews.
On the J10, 19''', the bell is attached with three screws.
The J36, 19.5''', the bell is attached with three screws but
the alarm set is on the top right corner and not with a pusher.
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