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Locking sidecar cover.

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July 2013, for longer travels without passenger I would like to have a locking sidecar cover wich is not visible on the first look. Here is my prove of concept. I will make the 3 parts from 5 mm thick plastic. The back part will be fixed with the same parts from the seat and the front part will be srewed on to the existing threads. The cover itself will get a lock so it can be opened and closed easily. I will have to add another part to cover the right sidecar opening, but I need to think a little bit more to find a simple solution for that. I might be able to use the coverplate as a table with some srew on legs. I will check the hardware store for suitable items.
27. July 2013, found some 6 mm material and a lock and it worked out very well, just need to find a solution for the right sidecar opening.
06. August 2013, the side entrance cover is finished.
All the parts are screwed on already places and can be exchanged within 5 minutes.

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