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Known Bugs

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Engine Start

CTRL+E shall start the engines automatically. If not please reduce
the FSX realism setting. If that does not work load the default Bell 206
start it up and then load the AS332L2.

There are the texture files missing in the AS332L2S/texture folder.

Just copy the files from the AS332L2/texture folder into the AS332L2S/texture folder.

The CD Player gauge causes problems on some systems as reported.

It looks like that DirectX 10 is causing these problems, but they dont
appear on all systems. No work around for this problem so far.

If so please remove the gauge out of the panel.cfg and test if the problems disappear.
//gauge65=Radio\radiocd4!radiocd,  1025,1592,468,132

Manual engine start.

Also reported on some systems that the engine will not start manualy.
If the engine wont start after pressing the starter button press
CTRL+SHIFT+F3 twice and it should continue.

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