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992B pocket watch, updated 07.07.2023

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Alfred Vigrestad was born on March 29, 1903. In March 1929, he traveled to the United States and settled in Circle, Montana, where he worked as a sheep herder and contributed to railway development in the area. He returned to Norway in December 1934 and remained there until the spring of 1938. In 1938, he made another journey to the US and stayed until 1946, during which he worked on railway projects. He worked as a furniture maker in Norway from 1947 to 1957. During this time, he resided on a small farm and continued his work there. He dedicated himself to the farm until his passing on February 1, 1982.
During his second sojourn in America, he acquired a remarkable timepiece, the Hamilton pocket watch featuring a 992B movement.
This exquisite Hamilton 992B pocket watch truly deserves recognition. Currently undergoing a thorough cleaning and oiling, this timepiece boasts a remarkable history. If you're curious to delve deeper into the intricacies of its movement, I encourage you to follow the links provided. Renowned for its popularity and meticulous documentation, the Hamilton 992B remains an iconic masterpiece among pocket watches.
The rich history of this watch dates back to approximately 1943 and remains well-documented. Remarkably, it has stayed within the same family and is currently cherished by the rightful owner's grandson.
The entrance protocol indicates that the only issue is a low amplitude, likely caused by the aging oil. However, apart from that, everything else appears to be in excellent condition.
I have obtained pictures of the disassembly process that align with the military documentation TM 9-1575, which I found on the internet.
Hamilton 922B
After disassembly, the following observations were made: one dial foot is missing, there is a missing screw, and it seems that the watch has been previously worked on, evident from a watchmaker's mark on the spring barrel. Additionally, a substantial amount of dried grease flakes were found.
Hamilton 922B
Hamilton 922B
Here are the pictures showcasing the assembly of the cleaned parts. Notably, the escapement wheel and pallet fork assembly have been treated with Epilam for optimal performance.
I embarked on a meticulous quest to locate the elusive 0.8mm missing screw.
Once I finally stumbled upon a screw that seemed to match, there was still one obstacle to overcome - its length. I carefully adjusted the screw's length to ensure a perfect fit.
After applying Epilam to the anchor, I proceeded to assemble the balance wheel and cock. I allowed the movement to run for a short period to ensure that the pallets and the escapement wheel can smoothly rotate against the pallet faces before applying oil.
To ensure a pristine dial, the next step involves cleaning it. If you're working with an enameled dial, I recommend using a dental cleanser tablet, which you can learn more about here: "Porcelain dial cleaning, updated 21.12.2019". After thoroughly drying the dial, proceed to attach the hands, and the watch will be ready for testing and inspection.
Prior to proceeding with the cleaning of the case, it is essential to remove any coarse dirt present.
The movment runs very good and the power reserve is 58 hours. Time for the movement to go back in the case.
To be continued.....
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