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DIY Watch dial feet soldering machine, last update 17.04.2020

It all started with a PDF file with chapter XX "Dial Positioning For Retrofits" of the book "Quartz Watch Retrofitting Manual" from Wesley R. Poor. After checking other sites and resources I wanted to make one myself as the price for a ready-made one is 300 $ plus depending on the brand.

Project: Dial Feet Soldering Machine on a budget.
Items bought add up to 35 € and the rest are out of the odds and ends box.

I use an AC transformer, open design, 2 x 6 V as this was available in the local electronic shop. I use only 1 x 6 V as written in the PDF file and shown on the drawing.
The carbon rod is from a zinc-carbon battery glued into a little plastic tube and then drilled so that a standard 4 mm banana plug cable assembly can be used.

The parts to hold down the dial and the feet positioning arm are made from brass stock I had lying around. The size of the parts is just according to the stock material.

For soldering, I use copper wire, "Löthonig" as flux and lead-free 99.3Sn0.7CU solder.
To straighten the copper wire fix one side in a vise and hold the other end with a pair of pliers. Give the pair of pliers a  good sidewards tap with a hammer. Then cut off the straight part you need.

This machine is not for sale and I will not build more. If you intend to solder feet to dials you are able to build a machine like this one yourself.
DIY Watch dial feet soldering machine testing
Cleaning the spot for soldering is essential and the the solder paste needs to be properly around the copper wire to give a good joint.
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