Emco Unimat SL, updated 31.07.2008 - Helicopters, pocket watches, flight simulation, tools.

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Emco Unimat SL, updated 31.07.2008


As I want to build some things in the future I thought about bying a new lathe. During my apprenticeship I used the Hommel UWG 1 and 2 on a regular basis and I was fascinated about those machines ever since. Some internet research showed that a UWG is out of reach due to the price. I then saw Sherline with its machines which is something in this direction, smaller but also universal. Pure chance brought me then to the Emco Unimat SL small machine tool from the seventies. On ebay I followed the offers and after some time I went for one offer and I got a Unimat SL from 1971 in very good shape. I also found some accessories which are on their way to me.

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