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Januar 2009, i opend a drawer which was not touch for 28 years. Well, lets try to finish the work.

According to some web forum research it seems to be a late 20's or early 30's Henri Dolnet ROI Jazz Alto saxophone.

I had a look on and asked for help at and forum.

- this is a very early Dolnet! Unforunately no reliable serial numbers charts are available and it is difficult to have any idea of when this was made but I would say late '20 early '30.
The Royal jazz model that I know are an evolution of the Bel airs with some more modern key work and sometimes extra features such as an high F# key, but the were very different in almost anything. Looks very nice!

Some information I got from via email.

Hi Dirk,
from serial number and Keyguard design I think it could be a Serie 1,

But your Dolnet it's probably more rare because it seems one of first "royal jazz" Dolnet examples.

I think you can see a "microtuner" on neck: this is a characteristic of this model (I saw till now, only Royaljazz Tenors); in fact I see on neck picture, a groove for the tuner....I hope you will have a microtuner-piece.

Let me know about next overhauling,

Kind regards,

There is a very good ovethaul tutorial on!

Henri Dolnet 20507

08. August 2009, the first test assembly. I'm missing a 1 cm axis which I need to make on the lathe. The rest seems to work with a bit of more cork and felt pads to apply. New feathers need also to be built in.

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