FS9 Big Hangar Project 2002 - 2003 - Helicopters, pocket watches, flight simulation, tools.

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FS9 Big Hangar Project 2002 - 2003

Flying > Flightsim > Scenery

Important note! The dream is over!

CargoLifter: Insolvency Proceedings Opened (01/08/2002)
Further informatian can be found under www.cargolifter.de

The only remaining part of the airship vision is the huge hangar, in real and for FS

EDUC Briesen-Brand, Airfield closed.
Scernery works with autogen, sorounded by forest like in the real world. doors will open on freq 132.25, ballon is in the hangar at night, landable runway, small ballon down at night, season textures, put your own logo on the small ballon

last update 13.07.2003

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