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Imprint, updated 09.06.2021

Curriculum vitae

1987, March - Airforce screening at Fürstenfeldbruck. Crew 3A/87, Piaggio P-149-D. First solo 11.06.1987.

1987, October - The helicopter training started at Ft. Rucker Alabama USA, TH-55. First solo 08.12.1987.

1988, January - Further training was done on the Bell UH-1H. First solo 10.02.1988

1988, June - Europäisierung at Ahlhorn, Germany, UH-1D.

1989, July - 1st squadron Special Air Mission Wing MOD, Cologne, Germany, UH-1D.

1995, January - 2nd squadron, Special Air Mission Wing MOD, Nörvenich, Germany, UH-1D

1997, September - Type rating, Eurocopter, Marseille, France, AS532U2.

1997, November - 3rd squadron Special Air Mission Wing MOD, Berlin-Tegel, Germany, AS532U2

1999, March - Type rating for my commercial pilot licence, Schönhagen, Germany, Hughes 300c.

2000, October - Instructor certificate AS532U2, training was done at Helikopter Service, Norway, AS332L2.

2004, February - Checked out night vision goggles.

2004, March - Certified Helisim Instructor, AS332L2.

2007, January - JAR-FCL ATPL (H) issued by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt.

2007, March - employed by CHC Helikopter Service AS.

2008, September - Checked out as Captain, AS332L2.

2010, February - Checked out as technical pilot, AS332L2.

2010, July - Checked out as TRI, AS332L2.

2010, July - No more language proficiency demonstartion required, English Level 6 evaluated.

2010, September - SFE (H) NO/Ex/618 and language proficiency assessor.

2011, May - TRE(H) AS332/EC225 NO/Ex/618 and language proficiency assessor.

2014, August - No more language proficiency demonstartion required, Norwegian Level 6 evaluated.

2015, March - Checked out as Captain, EC225.

2015, October - Working again as TRI/TRE on the EC225

2016, August - Checked out as Captain, S92A.

2016, October - Due to the grounding of EC225 I lost my TRE now.

2017, April - Checked out as Captain, AS332L/L1

2018, September - Sport Pilot Licence issued

2021, June - back on the S92, dual rated from now on AS332 and S92

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