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Microlino's electricity consumption, updated 09.01.2024

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Microlino electricity consumption
Since I'm new to electric vehicles (EVs), I'm in the process of documenting the electricity consumption of the Microlino. This will enable me to make an informed assessment of the overall costs associated with driving the Microlino.

After driving the initial 1000 kilometers in my Microlino and meticulously monitoring the electricity consumption, I discovered that, on average, I covered 1.24 kilometers on just 1% of battery charge. Charging, on the other hand, required approximately 4.1 minutes for every 1% increase in battery level. In terms of costs, my expenses averaged around €5.81 for every 100 kilometers of driving, taking into account the electricity costs. I would characterize my driving style as prioritizing enjoyment over economy, as I find the sheer pleasure of driving more important than economizing.
I choose to refrain from planning drives that would deplete the battery below 20%, as the Microlino's system restricts the power output when the charge falls slightly below this level. With 80% of a fully charged battery, I can confidently cover a distance of approximately 99.5 kilometers.
Charging the battery up to 100% is in contrast to the recommended practice, which suggests avoiding charging beyond 80% to extend the battery's capacity and lifespan. However, it's worth noting that, given the expected lifetime of the Microlino, the potential impact of this capacity loss may not be significant.

Microlino Display
09.01.2024, in cold temperatures, I've successfully completed a charging session at -4°C. Following a 10 km drive, I arrived at the charging station and effortlessly initiated the charging cycle.
Microlino charging
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