Renkforce RF100 3D PLA Printer - Helicopters, pocket watches, helicopter flight simulation and more.

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Renkforce RF100 3D PLA Printer

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December 2016, after 3 years of testing and fiddling with 3D printing I bought a Renkforce RF100 PLA printer for 299,00 €. It is a small all metal built 10 x 10 x 10 cm volume printer. 0,1 mm to 0,2 mm layer height, autohome, plug and play. The printer was ready to print after 5 minutes unpacking. It just works fine and the results are very good.

February 2017, so far I had no miss prints hardware related. If something goes wrong it is always in the design or the selfmade handling mistakes. As I have made a lot of smaller parts I use 100% infill. Adhesion seems no problem for me, as I strictly wipe the bed very quickly with aceton as described in the manual. I rather would say that it is hard to get the print from the bed. In between prints you have to shortly switch off and on the printer, as for some reason it forgets the SD card reader. It will not show up in the menu. Otherwise I'm really happy with the printer. I so far used 3 different types of standard PLA and the standard Cura settings which came with the printer.

September 2017, I continues printed some of my watch boxes and some other projects. The only thing which happend once is an unsuccessful filament change where I had to unscrew the hotend to get the last old part out. The easiest way to change the filament is by cuting the inserted filament and press "Load filament" in the menu and simultanously feeding the new filament until the color changes.
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