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Junghans Pocket Watch History

A little history about the pocket watches made by Junghans Company.

Below you will find some time tables for a better overview.

The data was obtained form the "Zeittafel der Entstehung und Entwicklung der Uhrenfabriken Gebrüder Junghans AG. in Schramberg vom Jahre 1859 an." Gesammelt und bearbeitet von Dr. Ing. e. h. Dr. phil. Oskar Junghans, Oberstleutnant a. D. von Zeppelin, Dip. Ing. Lothar Teuffel.

The book covers 1859 until 1926.

1861 - Junghans Company founding in Schramberg, Germany
1883 - first trials with pocket watches in Schramberg
1888 - five star Junghans trademark established
1890 - second trial with pocket watches, eight star Junghans trademark established
1893 - third trial with pocket watches using 2 half automatic tooth-wheel machines from the American Watch Company Co. Waltham
1903 - first pocket watch J1 produced together with Thomas Haller
1904 - Junghans has factories in: Schramberg, Rottenburg, Ebensee, Venedig, Paris, Schwenningen, Deißlingen and Lauterbach.
1904 - annual production 4200000 Clocks.
1906 - pocket alarm watch J5
1907 - Radium as illuminating compound
1907 - Moritz Sandoz from Le Locle, Switzerland was the machining engineer for the pocket watch production, 15. Sep. 1907 until 30. Sep. 1910
1907 - start of the final pocket watch production with the J8
1910 - production of the pocket watch J9
1911 - 21. August, company name changed to "Gebrüder Junghans AG."
1911 - 28. September, silver medal for Arturo Junghans at the exhibition in Turin
1911 - enamel face production start in Schramberg
1911 - production of the pocket alarm watch J10
1911 - new factory built for pocket watches in Schwenningen, Germany
1912 - start of sell of pocket watches "made in Schramberg"
1914 - pocket watch "Meisterwerke" J13, J15, J16, J17
1914 - after outbreak of war a huge demand in "Radium" pocket watches, almost no clocks sold
1916 - building of the "Terrassenbau" for pocket watch and mechanical cannon fuse production
1920 - November, start of the jewels production for pocket watches
1923 - September, the new pocket watch enamel face building ready
1923 - December, production of the 3 jewels pocket watch J31
1924 - January, production of the stopwatch J29
1924 - May, average daily pocket watch production 500 and pocket alarm watches 100
1924 - October, production of the pocket alarm watch J36
1925 - October, production of the pocket watch J35
1926 - July, pocket watch balance round off (Arrondiermaschine) introduced, production of the pocket watch J38
1926 - separation of operation within the pocket watch production resulting in a huge increase in efficiency

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