A 100% IKEA hobby watch maker bench - Helicopters, pocket watches, helicopter flight simulation and more.

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A 100% IKEA hobby watch maker bench

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After long searching and thinking and evaluating the different approaches to get a watch makers work bench I decided to build one from IKEA furniture.
100% IKEA parts used: 2 x EKBY ALEX, 2 x ALEX, 3 x EKBY TÖRE, 2 x CAPITA 16 cm, 1 x CAPITA 10 cm, 1 x LINNMON Grau
The table plate is at an hight of 100 cm and the table is 120 x 60 cm and a total hight with the shelf of 132 cm.
It looks like that in some countries the CAPITA 10 cm i used are only 9 cm for some reason. There you have to improvise a bit.
I added a vise but the LINNMON might not the best for this type of usage as it is mostly hollow inside. I had to add some strengthening material.
Also some lighting you have to think about but IKEA has a lot to offer for that.

Latest update: 10. November 2015, project started January 2014.

Here is a new bench made by Jonathan in London: "Watch in progress"

Benches made based on my idea.
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