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Askania Cougar special edition wristwatch

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Squadron wristwatch
The design of the clock follows the original Askania pilots clock of 1930 consciously. Crucial  recognition characteristics were realized on the clock face of the Askania "Cougar." Hours and minute hands correspond to the original. The original second pointer of the six o'clock position finds itself as increased central second pointer.

The squadron badge of the 3rd Squadron Special Air Mission Wing MOD was put in beside the stroke "COUGAR." Parts of the Squadron badge are laid out with light-masses.
The project started March 2006.

The in January 2006 risen from the dead watch company Askania seemed to be the best choice for the project.

The history of ASKANIA begins in 1871, when the inventor Carl Bamberg, a protégée of Carl Zeiss and son of a horologist, establishes the roots of ASKANIA in Berlin and manufactures precision instruments for navies, observatories, research and expeditions. A broad range of quality products is developed over the years, constantly at a standard far ahead of its time. Thanks to outstanding innovations and extremely reliable measuring technology, his company experiences rapid growth.

And here is the result of the good cooperation:


Askania 2062
21 rubies
reserve 42 h

h, min, sec., date

brushed stainless steel 45 mm saphir glass, mineral glass bottom, 10 bar

3 yeras warranty

Be aware, connoisseur: The Cougar model is strictly limited to 50 pieces.


Original advertisement of the company Askania ~ 1930


If you need a movement replacement the Seagull St1622 aka TY2846 movement can be used.
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