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Website description, last update 04.08.2019

Dirk E. Fassbender
Gotenstr. 27
53175 Bonn

The information are © by Dirk E. Fassbender unless stated otherwise. The use of information from this site for non-profit purposes is encouraged, but they may not be republished in any form without written permission.
The images are © by Dirk E. Fassbender, unless another photographer is acknowledged. Images cannot be published without permission from the photographer. The person who is the original source of images must always be acknowledged.
I am a trained precision mechanic, a helicopterpilot trained by the German Air Force and now working for CHC Helikopter Service. I spend my leisure time mainly with flying helicopter, autogyros and with everything which belongs to it, e.g. flight simulation, software development, photography and so on...
If I need something different, I work on watches, build something, colorize old black and white pictures and I like to present pictures I took. I like to share the information about my hobbies.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all people around the world, for supporting my Flight Simulator projects. Without your contribution and support the projects would not have been possible. Many thanks for your support. I hope you are happy with the results.

Burj Al Arab, Security Office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates for providing Information
Remi Moreau, France, first Cougar Model
Chuck Stevens, USA, first Cougar Panel
Keith, USA, Distribution and Information
Toni d'Ambrosio, France, Instrument design
Rolf Dieter Bückmann, Brusque, Brasil, Instrument Design
Gaylen Cates, Shwanee, Oklahoma, USA, Repaint work
Frans Vranken, Belgium, *.AIR File
Dwight "BLADES" Booth, Milton, Wisconsin, USA, FSDS Design help
Jean-Pierre Langer, Monaco, Gauge Design
Arne Bartels, Oldenburg, Germany, Gauge Design
EUROCOPTER, for providing information and pictures
Bernhard Behle, Paderborn, Germany, for his repaint project
Lynn A. Rogers, Anchorage, Alaska, for his repaints.
Antti Pankkonen, Espoo, Finland, for his fantastic Helicopter autopilot.
Jordan Moore for HOVERCONTROL.COM and even more.

Hauke Keitel for creating the FSX Super Puma MK2

1987, March - Airforce screening at Fürstenfeldbruck. Crew 3A/87, Piaggio P-149-D. First solo 11.06.1987.

1987, October - The helicopter training started at Ft. Rucker Alabama USA, TH-55. First solo 08.12.1987.

1988, January - Further training was done on the Bell UH-1H. First solo 10.02.1988

1988, June - Europäisierung at Ahlhorn, Germany, UH-1D.

1989, July - 1st squadron Special Air Mission Wing MOD, Cologne, Germany, UH-1D.

1995, January - 2nd squadron, Special Air Mission Wing MOD, Nörvenich, Germany, UH-1D

1997, September - Type rating, Eurocopter, Marseille, France, AS532U2.

1997, November - 3rd squadron Special Air Mission Wing MOD, Berlin-Tegel, Germany, AS532U2

1999, March - Type rating for my commercial pilot licence, Schönhagen, Germany, Hughes 300c.

2000, October - Instructor certificate AS532U2, training was done at Helikopter Service, Norway, AS332L2.

2004, February - Checked out night vision goggles.

2004, March - Certified Helisim Instructor, AS332L2.

2007, January - JAR-FCL ATPL (H) issued by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt.

2007, March - employed by CHC Helikopter Service AS.

2008, September - Checked out as Captain, AS332L2.

2010, February - Checked out as technical pilot, AS332L2.

2010, July - Checked out as TRI, AS332L2.

2010, July - No more language proficiency demonstartion required, English Level 6 evaluated.

2010, September - SFE (H) NO/Ex/618 and language proficiency assessor.

2011, May - TRE(H) AS332/EC225 NO/Ex/618 and language proficiency assessor.

2014, August - No more language proficiency demonstartion required, Norwegian Level 6 evaluated.

2015, March - Checked out as Captain, EC225.

2015, October - Working again as TRI/TRE on the EC225

2016, August - Checked out as Captain, S92A.

2016, October - Due to the grounding of EC225 I lost my TRE now.

2017, April - Checked out as Captain, AS332L/L1

2018, September - Sport Pilot Licence issued

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