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24 hour Junghans Borduhr

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This is a little story about the good use of the internet. While researching information for my Junghans pocket watch collection I received a picture about a special Junghans board clock with a 24 hour dial as a special treat. At that time it was not known where this watch had been installed during its duty time. Even Junghans could not provide further information. So it was time to ask around within my connections I made during my Junghans research. I got a hint whom to ask and in the end the Dornier X was confirmed as the home of this rare 24 hour "Junghans Borduhr", proven by a picture, courtesy of "Collection Peter W. Cohausz". I was really happy that I could help finding these information and the owner of the clock was even more happy about the treasure he has in his possesion.

The only remaining secret is the name of the clock movement Junghans developed for this watch as nothing is mentioned anywhere.

Last update: 11.05.2017
24 hours Junghans board clock in the Dornier X navigation room.
Picture courtesy of "Sammlung Peter W. Cohausz"
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