Junghans pocket watch mysteries - Dirk E. Fassbender

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Junghans pocket watch mysteries

Latesed update: 29.10.2016

- 470B - it is a 15 jewels F.E.F 19''' 40B movement, but when, why and how many have been bought by Junghans? I have found a 470A with a 7 jewels F.E.F 19''' 40B. I did not know that there was a 7 jewels version of this movement.
- There is usually a two digit number in the back lid of the Junghans silver pocket watch cases which I have no
explenation for. I could not yet get any information about it and all publications do not talk about this number.
These numbers do not match the movement and seem to have a complete different meaning.

Seen numbers: 36, 40, 50, 60, 70
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