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Junghans Pocketwatch movement Figaro


Junghans catalog 1923 text:
Movement with 3 jewels
Cases nickeld or silvered with inside dome, oval bow, enamel dial
These watches can also be supplied with Radium luminous figures (RZ)
Cheap watches but reliable and indestructible, easy to be repaired specially fit for schoolboys and workmen.

The Figaro is mentioned in an article 1938, "Die Uhrmacherkunst" Nr. 18 page 244, Schwingungszahlen deutscher Kleinuhren.
There it is stated that the watch is 18''' and has 18000 A/h with the following teeth numbers.
Picture courtesy of  Uhrenfabrik Junghans GmbH & Co.KG
Figaro, number of teeth
410Winding pinion

407Clutch wheel

420Crown wheel, upper
415Ratchet wheel, upper
201Center wheel

210Third wheel8

224Fourth wheel7

705Escape wheel6

240Cannon pinion
260Minute wheel

250Hour wheel
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