Dating your Junghans Pocket Watch - Helicopters and Pocket Watches by Dirk E. Fassbender

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Dating your Junghans Pocket Watch

Here you can find some additional hints for dating your Junghans pocket watch.

- Junghans delivered pocket watch movements to "Zentra" the Zentralverband der Deutschen Uhrmacher, founded 1927.
You will find these watches either with "Zentra" writing on the dial or with "Zentra" plus "Junghans". The once with only "Zentra" on the dial are most probably made after 1940.
In the "Deutschen Uhrmacherzeitung 1939", page 451 you can find a note that on the anual convention 1939 it was decided to only use the brand name "Zentra" on the dial in the future.
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